Our vision

Heart for Science & Innovation

We believe that science and innovation are the pillars of our society. Scientific institutions produce so many groundbreaking studies and the amount of innovative initiatives seems to be infinite. All these studies and innovative projects could have drastic effects on our society. However, a large share does never reach the general public and thus its positive effects never come to flourish.

The issue

The members of our society are used to information that is fast and clear, and most of all, easily accessible. Additionally, when the information does not capture the attention of the audience within little time, it is dismissed as quickly as it was accessed; by a simple mouse-click.

Bridging the gap

We envision a stronger connection between science, innovation and society on the one hand and science, innovation and the political arena on the other. We possess the means and knowledge to achieve the former; we have substantial experience in reaching and engaging with the fast-paced audience of the digital era.

Video as a solution

Scientific studies, innovative projects and new energy solutions should be supported by high-quality videos that draw the attention of a wider audience. Through our videos, you will greatly enlarge your audience, engage with society and stimulate politicians to listen to the voice of science.

Our Products & Services

In order to connect your institution, organization or company to a wider audience we have developed several services. Our services reach from media campaigns to enriched publications, from commercials to info graphics. In addition, by working closely together with you during the process, we will develop a tailor-made service for your specific needs. In our eyes, the possibilities and opportunities are limitless, as long as you keep an open mind towards creative innovation, video and marketing.

Check out our work
  • Online marketing campaigns
  • Enriched publications
  • Video portraits
  • Reports
  • Promotional videos
  • Commercials
  • Motion graphics
  • Info graphics

Our work

Who we worked with

  • Universal Music
  • Holland Doc
  • Nederlands Online Film Festival
  • Oosterpoort Groningen
  • Gemeente Groningen
  • University of Groningen
  • Hanzehogeschool Groningen
  • Marketing Groningen
  • Groninger Uitburo
  • Songa
  • V2 Records
  • Art Olive
  • Kei Week Groningen
  • TopNotch
  • RollingStone

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About us

Who we are

Our team consists of a perfect mix of commercial experience, scientific love and creative passion. The members of our production team all possess a university master degree, whereas our creative team consists of professionals that graduated from the art academy. Additionally, we have substantial experience in producing commercial products. By employing our former experiences and our love for science and innovation, we want to help you to create a stronger voice for your projects. The opportunities are endless, and we are always looking for new challenges!

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Where we are

Sensu is based in Amsterdam & Groningen, but we work everywhere.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Groningen, The Netherlands

We operate from Amsterdam and Groningen (The Netherlands), but we like to call the world our backyard. We work with people from all around the globe. You are always welcome in our studio.


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